Dennis Kennedy
Dennis Campbell Kennedy is a writer on Irish and European affairs. Currently based in Belfast,  he has worked 
as a journalist in both parts of Ireland, and in the United States and Africa. From 1985-1991, he was Head of the 
European Commission Office in Northern Ireland, and later  lecturer in European Studies in Queen's University 
Born in Lisburn, Co.Antrim, he was educated at Wallace High School Lisburn, Queen's University, Belfast, and 
Trinity College Dublin. He graduated in Modern History from Queen's in 1958, and received a PhD from Dublin 
University (Trinity College) in 1985.

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Dennis Kennedy

Paper read to the Belfast Literary Society, October 6th, 2008.

Fact and fiction- an examination of an actual murder case in Dublin in 1936, and a novel published in 1978 following in its plot almost exactly the same story. It was not until a paperback edition appeared a decade later than anyone noticed the connection- then possibly because in the meantime, in 1985, Richard Cobb had brought out his autobiographical A Classical Education, recounting the details of the murder and his association with the murderer. All is explained, and some questions asked about the relationship between fact and fiction.

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